Hope and Preparation

The blessed journey has begun again. Granted, times are different now; masks, precautions and restrictions are unavoidably part of the mix. But the journey of Advent is still the same, and it is upon us. It is not, ladies and gentlemen, the Christmas season just yet. Advent comes first, as necessary preparation for that time … Continue reading Hope and Preparation

The Journey

The journey is about to begin again. Granted, times are different; masks, precautions, restrictions will be unavoidable and part of the mix. But the journey is the same. We move quietly, wondrously, following a distant star to behold a child. The child. The King of Kings. There have always been distractions. Always will be. Fear … Continue reading The Journey

Reality Check

The election? Yes, it matters. Yes, it's important. But some of you need to calm down. If some of you put the same amount of caring into spiritual matters as you do political matters, this world would be different. Be still. And know.