There are people among us who live as if another day exists within the week--- someday. "Someday I'll get to that," they promise, dismissing the importance of needed life changes or old friends or whatever. "Someday" will never come. It doesn't exist. Life is too short to believe otherwise. So go outside and breathe the … Continue reading Someday

Staying Focused in a Noisy Season

As we journey through November, the days have gotten shorter, and colder as of late (at least around here). Summer is but a memory, and autumn seems to have come and gone. The year is winding down, but there is still much for which to prepare. No, I'm not referring to Christmas. First things first, … Continue reading Staying Focused in a Noisy Season


The sun rises, despite all the headaches, uncertainty and awkwardness that filled yesterday. Despite it all, the world keeps turning. The sun rises, heralding a clean, clear slate, providing, not a second chance, but a fresh, new chance. Yesterday is done and gone, shielded from change. We can only file it and move on. Look … Continue reading Sunrise


A lone firefly in the backyard last night, recalling evenings in the country which would be incomplete without catching one. Summer days of homemade ice cream, backyard baseball, star-filled night skies. Innocent, care-free days shielding me from the turbulence of the world in the sixties. With that shield my world was made small, familiar and … Continue reading Memories