About Me

I was born on the first day of the long-ago year of 1959, the youngest child of Macon E. and Lida Clapp and born and raised in Mayfield, Ky.

En route to a journalism degree at Murray State University, I met my future bride Mary, who made it clear (to her credit) that she had no intention of changing from her Catholic beliefs.  If we were to have a life together, I figured I’d better get busy and learn what I could about the different world of the Roman Catholic. As time went on, I came to see that Catholics were, by and large, fairly normal folks.  I joined the Church in 1989 during our days in Louisville.

While there at St. Polycarp, a sneaky old man named Tony Hasson put a bug in my ear about perhaps becoming a Permanent Deacon.  I accepted the bug, but we tabled the notion since our three kids were young.  That decision became all the more proper when, by century’s end, we decided to pack up Matt, Emily and Bryan and leave Louisville for small-town life in Mayfield.

Once the diaconate program became available in this neck of the woods, I signed on, and was ordained with 17 other gentlemen in 2012.

When not involved in church-related stuff, I pay attention to all things involving the St. Louis Cardinals, Murray State Racers, Lord of the Rings,  and Doctor Who.  I also am pleasantly and completely addicted to our first grandchild, Miss Sophia Rose Lovell, undoubtedly the cutest little girl residing in Lebanon, Tennessee  (Sophia has since become  big sister to Violet, also an addiction,  and moved on to Memphis).  I used to flinch at the title “grandfather.”  I’ve come to see it’s not so bad after all.