About This

I’m walking a fine line of sorts with this blog.  I am a Catholic clergyman and faith-based stuff is what I do for a living.  So while dependence upon God is a theme that will appear within these pages, I don’t intend for “Front Porch”  to be strictly about religion.   We will talk about matters of faith, but also about current events and politics and family relationships and healthcare.  Let’s explore that  which worries us. Let’s have a conversation about all that sometimes divides us.  No hating, as I wrote in the introduction, but conversation in a safe place where all are welcome.

In that this is my first time doing this kind of site, I will probably tweak it occasionally, adding a feature or different content.  I welcome your suggestions.

The blog’s name, by the way, is a reference to the screened-in front porch here at home.  When the weather’s right, it’s a nice, comfortable place to sit and watch the world go by, thinking large thoughts and small ones (small ones more often!).

For this project, a large thank-you to Jacob Lovell, my son-in-law.  I wouldn’t have had a prayer of putting this blog together by myself, and he has made it easy.  If you need his graphic design help, shoot me an e-mail at msupapa06@live.com and I will direct you to him.