Writing isn't "fun" right now. Oh, I can still meet a deadline, crank out a reasonable column. But those, as of late, have been purposeful teaching moments, essays to drive home a point. They need to be done, but they require a more serious style. Writing is also a medium, an art form, taken up … Continue reading Journey


I will remember with every sunrise, with every fresh spring breeze, with every sweet-smelling rose. I will remember feeling confident, feeling unafraid, feeling safe. Years have passed yet the memories remain of moments you created. I will remember always.


Below is "Moderation," wise words from Pindar of Thebes: Not in every generation do virtues long-descended Breed men of might. Not always do the black fields bounteously Give harvest; not with every summer ended Like wealth will load the fragrant blossomed tree; But with changeful alteration. So too for humanity Fate stands. What God's disposal … Continue reading Moderation

Let Go

Let go. You are convinced you will fall. But unless you let go You will never fly. You have what you need. It's there inside you. Trust it. Let go And soar high above it all Changed, and free.

What are Heavy?

Please enjoy a brief but powerful poem from Christina Rossetti called "What are Heavy?" What are heavy? sea-sand and sorrow: What are brief? today and tomorrow: What are frail? Spring blossoms and youth: What are deep? The ocean and truth.